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A Raphanneur ready for almost... nothing
A “raphanneur” fully decked out for a grueling 80mi day of what Rapha apparently thinks passes for randonneruing

Rapha, purveyors of some of the most expensive cycling kit ever created, are apparently now fashioning themselves “randonneurs”… which in the Rapha-verse, means leading riders willing to fork over $4000US on 6 day, 600mi fully supported “randonnees” through the Italy and France.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they referred to it as “sport touring” or similar, but to use the word “randonneuring” to refer to “fully supported rides with support vehicles, experienced guides, mechanics and all inclusive accommodation and catering” is a pretty pathetic joke, at best.

The best line of all, however, comes from their “Why Ride a Randonnee” page (apparently written by Rapha’s founder, Simon Mottram), to whit:

“With the excellent service and support offered on the Rapha Randonnees, you can enjoy this cleansing and uplifting adventure to the full, without worrying about food, accommodation or mechanical assistance.”

Raphanneuring, as it turns out, is precisely 180* opposite the actual values held sacred in the sport of randonneuring. It would seem that Rapha have proved themselves poseurs of the highest order.