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Gone to the Dark Side

After a good deal of thought, I’ve decided to switch this blog over to WordPress software. With all the stuff I’ve got going on, there’s just no sense in reinventing the wheel with my homebrew stuff, especially not when you consider how nice WordPress is these days.

Happily it was pretty easy to get all the old posts converted over into the WP database from my old blog, and I’ve been having a lot of fun getting everything configured. This will obviously greatly improve the usability and function of the site, too.

It’s been interesting to read back on the entries in this blog, which has been running since the summer of 2001. The content as it stands is much like what gets shared on Facebook or Twitter, generally short snippets comprised mainly of passing thoughts or recent experiences/accomplishments. It’s more a diary than anything else, a document of times, places, thoughts and feelings. It’s impossible to miss seeing the rise and fall of my various interests over the years.

Whether any of this is worth your time to read is another story. With that said, my hope with this new format is to begin transitioning away – somewhat – from the navel gazing and into something of a more extended or self-conscious engagement with various themes. Or not. Hell, who am I kidding, bring on the LOLcats ;-)

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