Making your own Minecraft Steve head from PDFs

My kids and I are huge fans of Minecraft and my boys decided to dress up like “Steve”, the main character, for Halloween. There are commercially available Steve Heads, but they are rather expensive, and making stuff yourself is fun for kids anyways.

So, we went to Kinko’s and got some of their 11x11x11 boxes (about $2 each) and I made a couple PDF files from the official char.png file you can download from the Minecraft website. We printed these on 11×17″ paper using Adobe Acrobat to handle page tiling. Note that the 11x11x11 boxes are not actually that size – the real size is 11.5″ wide x 12″ tall x 11.5″ deep. These PDFs are scaled to fit that size, with an extra-large hair part to cover the gap on the edges. We just printed out the files, trimmed, and taped onto the boxes, but you can do a lot fancier if you like.

Here are the files: Minecraft Head Files (ZIP)

Please note the following:

  1. I cannot provide tech support for your printer or computer problems, sorry.
  2. The only files I have are for the Steve head, and are posted above.
  3. I do not have any other files for Minecraft stuff (i.e. Creeper head, sword, pickaxe, etc).


Update October 2012: Check out this cool video tutorial on printing your own DIY Minecraft heads using this file!

Update October 2013: Man, this page just keeps on trucking. If you’re finding it’s just too hard to figure out how to print these out, or if you want something besides the basic Steve head, I encourage you to just purchase a pre-made head directly from Amazon. By the time you get done paying for the box and printing, you’re not saving that much money making them yourself. How much is your time worth? 🙂


  1. april deadrich

    awesome! thank you

  2. Woah. Thank you SOOOO much!!! One thing; The Steve head skin is outdated. See the dark boat (crafting recipe) shape? That’s not a smile, it’s a goatee, but that was from the older versions of Minecraft. Could you update it to the recent one? (If not, that’s ok)


    P.S: Gonna wear it for spirit week next year in middle school! 😀


  3. caitlin

    my mom is the money kind of person and so i was gonna buy a head sword and pickaxe for $60 but she said no so i am gonna convice her that this is cheaper which it is. Im making a body to go with it but i do still want to buy the sword and pickaxe. I will send a picture of the costume once its done and then comic con awaits me im in free 12 and under im 11 i know omg a girl crafter PEACE!!!!!!

  4. LAURA

    Thank you so much. My youngest game home from school and said, Mum can I have a Minecraft head for school tomorrow. Oh yes easy peasy. You saved my life. tks.

  5. David

    I want to be Steve for Halloween

  6. thanks very much goes down well with my grandson

  7. Ho my goodness!!! I just had them printed. This is going to be a surprise for my son. We are having his birthday this weekend and I am excited to tell you that I am coming as Steve and with his minecraft birthday cake. I didn’t liek this this but I am getting now hooked at it, LOL I’ll sahere some videos later. Thank you for your ideas, this is looking great.

  8. Elisabeth

    Thanks for generously sharing your hard work to make this easy for the rest of us! I easily printed using your instructions, and I’ll be picking up a box tonight. My step-son will love it!!

  9. Catherine Lorraine

    This is great, thanks so much. My son was adamant on purchasing the Steve head from, no thanks!!

  10. Tracy H

    AWESOME!! Thank you so much for posting and sharing this wonderful how to!! For us unimaginative and uncrafty this was perfect!!

  11. Miranda

    Thank you so very much for making this tutorial! So very helpful!

  12. todocraft

    is a good

  13. Jake

    Is it possible to make your own characters head instead of the simple Steve head?

  14. Hello, While i was browsing the inter-webs i have FINALLY come across your site and am SO EXCITED I COULD ACTUALLY DO THIS, and since Minecon 2013 in Orlando, FL is coming up I thought I’d Prepare.. and ONE THING I need is MY OWN Minecraft Head… As Much as I like Steve I’d Like to Use my own skin.. but I have tried countless times to take my PNG file and make a head version and crop and upscale it, when i converted it to PDF if didn’t work out well so I need YOUR HELP “Steve” can you make a head file for me if possible???? If not it’s okay, IF SO….. Here’s a link to download My Skin PNG File, same as the char one but edited.

    Thanks In Advance,
    Mikey Pena

    THE LINK FOR THE SKIN IS HERE…………………………………………….

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