Hi, I’m Steve, and welcome to my personal website. I live in Santa Barbara, California with my wife and two children, and have worked in web development and ecommerce since the late 90’s. I also enjoy a range of hobbies, most of which can be found chronicled throughout the pages of this site.

In addition to stevelange.net I maintain a handful of other sites and info pages devoted to various passions. They include:

I hope you enjoy visiting this site and thank you for your visit!

Steve Lange
April 2015

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  1. Charles George

    I happened onto your website while searching for model kits for the Waco CG-4A. My father was a World War II glider pilot who lived to the ripe old age of 93. His stories and WWII memorabilia are priceless to me, so I was pleased to read about your interest in his aircraft. I noticed you provide a link to the National World War II Glider Pilot Association on your website, but I didn’t see one to the Silent Wings Museum in Lubbock, Texas. That establishment tells the story of those brave pilots and the incredibly dangerous missions they flew. Should you ever travel to West Texas, I encourage you to make time to tour their museum. You’ll see, among other things, a fully-restored CG-4A. In the meantime, visit their website, http://www.silentwingsmuseum.org. My father may be gone now, but his WWII legacy lives on at Silent Wings.

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