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Category Archives: Bicycles

Lunchtime at Ledbetter

Just a typical day in the life… especially nice weather today, it was about 75 in the sun, there’s a nice swell rolling through, and it was great to get out of the office.


We are the proud new owners of an Onderwaterfiets Family Tandem. Beloved local bike shop Wheelhouse Bikes is going out of business and this bike, which my kids and I had testridden many times, was deeply discounted. So deep that it was a “too good to pass up” type of thing… and here we are, […]

2011 Big Dummy with 2010 Freeloaders

I’ve gone “back” to 2010 (old) Freeloader bags after having a few issues with the 2011 (new) Freeloader bags. Just added them, really like how they look and hope they work out great. Big thanks to Xtracycle for some great customer service while sorting through my problems with the stock bags, and for hooking me […]

Internet famous

I was interviewed recently by Michelle Kitson of the local Community Environmental Council regarding my bicycle use… have a read over on their blog. It was a lot of fun to do this interview,and I hope it helps get the word out about how much fun cycling can be when it’s integrated into your normal […]

Surly Big Dummy

Well, it’s been many years in the coming – I strongly considered one before I put together my Xtracycle back in 2008 – but at long last I’ve upgraded to a Surly Big Dummy. Very, very pleased with the bike, it fits better than my old Kona -based Xtracycle, and the ride is simply magical. […]

Xtracycle Snapdeck with Busch & Müller Toplight XS dynamo-driven taillight

I’d been meaning to do this project forever and finally got around to it this morning: installing a Busch & Müller Toplight XS onto my Xtracycle’s Snapdeck so that I’d have a dynamo-powered taillight to pair with my B&M IQ Cyo headlight. I used an inexpensive T-Bracket from Peter White Cycles to mount the Toplight […]

The Shonky Plumber Strikes Again!

What kind of today tonight style shonky plumber shenanigans is this monstrosity? Looks like some kind of medieval torture implement and is good for the half-assed locking of two bikes – maybe? The sad irony is they’ve got plenty of space for a proper rack and, instead, chose this thing. File under “wasted opportunities.”

The Journey is the Thing

The Journey is the Thing from Tony Blazejack on Vimeo.

Goodbye old friend

Now that I’ve got the Pelican, my trusty Surly Cross-Check is moving on to a new home in Minnesota (the home of Surly Bikes, ironically enough). Or the frameset is, anyways. I’m going to miss this bike quite a lot: it’s seen me through a complete life transformation involving the loss of over 40lbs of […]

Pelican in progress

With the honey Brooks B17 saddle… Better? Worse? I think everything just needs some time to age… hoping the browns all start to match up. Next up will be the fender install.