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Category Archives: Mobile

Going to town

“Sick” townie 2.0… now with moar (dynamo) lighting and moar brakes

Sick fixie bro

The upright bar virus has spread… my “Sick Fixie” has now become a very boring, but very comfortable, townie.  Still needs a brake but I heard those were for fakes?

Albatross bars on the Xtracycle

They’re going to take some getting used to, but they are certainly comfortable so far.

Pelican in action

The saddle’s-eye-view from my Pelican. Was cruising along Jameson in Montecito.

B Flat?

Some people bring home baguette… I bring home VUVUZELAS!

SB how we do

Another day another load o’ stuff on the Xtracycle…

Slope soaring

Slope soaring again and really having a blast.

Tesla Roadster spotting

Saw this Tesla Roadster by the Bird Refuge last weekend. Really cool that this car is 100% electric, looks cool, and can go 140mph. Neat to see one in the wild!


Went to the SB Zoo last weekend and really enjoyed checking out the condors. They are pretty impressive birds, quite ominous when viewed from a distance… but then the whole bunch of them came and congregated right in front of us by the fence. Up close their eyes have a surprising tenderness and it makes […]