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Category Archives: Radio Control

VTPR Aerobatics Cali Style

This is Cali Style VTPR aerobatics. It’s a style of R/C glider flying that is unique to California and specifically Ellwood Mesa. We fly very close to the ground in very light winds with gliders that fly the same upright as inverted and do all manner of wild tricks. Some of our favorites are extremely […]

VTPR aerobatics = internet famous?

VTPR California Style from surfimp on Vimeo. The video above is by far and away my most successful to date. It even got featured on the TV show Right This Minute in their segment “All About Remote Control Gliders At the Beach”. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be on TV flying […]

Ellwood Mesa FPV

Ellwood FPV from surfimp on Vimeo. My first takeoff-to-landing FPV (first person view) flight at Ellwood Mesa. There is a Gopro camera on the airplane that sends a video signal to a pair of goggles that I wear, so that I see exactly what the Gopro sees, and use that image to fly the plane. […]

Ellwood Mesa Onboard with 808 #16 HD keyfob camera

Ellwood Mesa Onboard Cam from surfimp on Vimeo. It’s a first effort, mounted to the Depron tail of my 17oz Le Fish. The wind was blowing a 22-25mph which is quite a lot more than the 6-8mph this plane usually sees, but it did just fine and I had a bunch of fun. The onboard […]

Golden by Juz


Blade mQX: Night Ops

Blade mQX: Night Ops from surfimp on Vimeo. Watch in fullscreen HD with the lights off and the sound on for best results!

Great FPV video

This is an amazing FPV (first person view) video from a multirotor flyer in Australia. So cool, it’s like being a bird!

Blade mQX quadcopter

Blade mQX at the park from surfimp on Vimeo. I picked up a Blade mQX BNF quadcopter last week and I’ve been having a blast with it ever since. I’ve only got about a dozen flights on it, and very little previous helicopter experience, but it’s so easy and fun to fly that you pick […]

Best of 2011 FPV compilation

An online acquaintance from Colorado got really into FPV a few years back and is now a true master of the art. He put together a great compilation of his best footage from 2011… check it out, great music, all HD quality, and really just a pleasure to watch.

Weasel Evo

I finally finished building my new Weasel Evo from Dream-Flight R/C. I’m really pleased with how it came out! Back in 2003, the original Weasel was the glider that really got me into slope soaring. I’d flown on and off since I was pretty young, and had finally got the hang of sloping my last […]