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Category Archives: Surfing

Sunrise at the Cove

Opening day of the 2012/2013 season this morning at Rincon. Beautiful sunrise. Tide was high but I didn’t care, great fun.

Malibu session

Spent a rad day in LA with my buddy Rubio. We surfed Malibu at dawn and again at dusk for a total of 7 hours in the water. Had lunch with Tyler and visited the shop in between. Such an incredible day!

Mondos Dawn Patrol

Super Chief – central coast dawn patrol

Tyler Surfboards Super Chief – First Impressions

So I’ve had my new Tyler Surfboards 11′ Super Chief for a few days now and have had the chance to surf it in a variety of small reef and beachbreak waves. Initial impressions are that it’s going to be a fast, fun and very versatile board that I’m going to enjoy surfing in a […]

Super Chief = Super Stoked

My boys and I went down to Tyler’s shop and picked up the board. It was great to catch up with him and Katherine – it felt like old times. When we got back to Santa Barbara, we went out to Leadbetter just to goof around. It was basically flat, but I still managed to […]

Tyler Super Chief nearly ready

I pick it up on the weekend, can hardly wait!

Tyler Surfboards Super Chief

This is my most exciting post in recent memory. I’m getting a new surfboard from Tyler Hatzikian. It’s his new-ish 11′ glider model, named the Super Chief. I’ve wanted a board like this for years, and when I found out he had this model waiting in the wings, I was ecstatic. I’ve ridden various editions […]

phpBuoy 1.0.4 released

I’ve updated phpBuoy to version 1.0.4. This takes account of some changes NOAA made to the formatting of their data. Everything should be hunky-dory now. Enjoy!

phpBuoy 1.0.3 released

phpBuoy 1.0.3 has been released. I fixed the link to NOAA realtime HTTP data source to reflect new “../realtime2/” address. Have fun!