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John Higgins is back in production and offering a number of different kits, including the R1 Rodent (nosecone), R3 Rodent (canopy), CA Sloper, and a few of his other original kits. He can be contacted via email:

The Fauxdent

This project was inspired by my desire to own a genuine "lead sled" for the often heavy lift conditions enjoyed at various California coastal flying sites. When I began the project, the original Rodent by John Higgins had been out of production for a number of years, so I decided to build my own version as an homage. Like the original, the Fauxdent is designed with ballistic halfpipes and high energy aerobatics in mind.

Pursuant to this project I will shape a plug from basswood, create a fiberglass mold from the plug, lay up a fuselage from the mold, cut wing cores, and ultimately produce my own take on Higgins's original. I have no intention to sell fuselages, short kits, or wing cores for the Fauxdent; rather the idea is that all design information will be provided so that fellow scratchbuilders can reproduce their own glider as desired, built to their own specifications and needs.

Further following the "open source" philosophy, I actively solicit and encourage participation in the design process by other builders. I am far from an expert and hopefully my construction process, as updated and contributed to by many in the RCGroups build thread, will enable others to both construct their own homebrew Fauxdent and/or learn from the combined experience of the online slope soaring community.

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