The Micro Slope Stik by Steve Lange aka "surfimp"

I built the Micro Slope Stik to fly in local Santa Barbara, CA wind conditions, which are generally very light. I am a big fan of the SPAD (Simple Plastic Airplane Design) model aircraft philosophy and was very eager to contribute an original SPAD sloper to the movement. I'm pleased to report that the Micro Slope Stik is a great success.

The Micro Slope Stik flies very well in 7-20mph winds at a decent slope, assuming it is built to spec using the recommended submicro gear. Weight is very important to the performance of this plane, and the lighter it is built the better it will fly in low-lift conditions.

The plane is very easy to build and fly, and goes together in about two hours or less if you have some prior building experience. It's a very tough little airplane and a very convenient size for tossing in the back of the car to fly whenever and almost wherever! The plane can be side-arm launched easily using a medium strength throw.

Without further ado, I present the Micro Slope Stik!

Steve Lange aka "surfimp"

Plans for the Micro Slope Stik, a light air SPAD sloper by Steve Lange aka surfimp